Good Morning Kala Ceremony
© Anaar, 2006

Rise with the sun. Open an eastern facing window and clap your hands. Clapping is a divine vibration, which calls the gods. Replace offerings on altar with fresh ones. Cleanse the front entrance with water.
Prepare yourself in the usual manner for your morning bath.

Ritual bathing order:
chest and abdomen
feet and legs
shoulder and arms
chest and abdomen again
rinse entire body

This bathing order is derived from Shinto, but is Feri in essence. The strict Shinto rite includes ablutions of very cold water. Personally, my Fetch hates cold water and I have adapted this rite to include something kinder to the Fetch. Feel free to adapt this according your Fetch’s needs.

This rite is best performed in a natural environment. To wash in the Sea of Mari, mix in a bit of sea salt in your rinse water.