Test and Requirements for the Grand Master
© Cora Anderson

Once an individual is brought into the Craft no mortal may take that individual out. When an individual strays he must be brought gently back into the fold. An initiation cannot be undone as it would be like divorcing oneself from the Gods, and that is ridiculous. A disharmonious individual must be dealt with as best as possible. In the very beginning of our practice in the Craft, there were very few individuals involved. Yet arguments and dissension among us soon broke out. Victor created the Grandmaster position to settle important matters and maintain harmony within the circle. The power of the Grand Master is great, so is the responsiblility. One must prove these tests first and let their actions through time be the final judge. There can be more than one GM, but it is not appropriate for every coven to have their own. I pass on the tests and requirements for Grand Mastership. As can be seen, these requirements are very difficult, as they should be.* One must be an initiate for at least two years.

*One must have command of the Black Wand by demonstrating mastery in the techniques of magic. Possession of the black wand does not make one a GM. It signifies a Master who possesses all the powers of sorcery and mastery in magic.
*One must demonstrate astral travel. The candidate must be able to enter a circle and observe, keeping the rest of the circle unaware. Permission from the HP should be a given before any such test and an open circle should be chosen for the test site. The HP gives a sign, significant enought to be seen, yet subtle so as not to break the normal workings of a circle. The candidate must be able to relate this sign to the circle.
*One must be able to define the duties of a Grand Master.
*One must possess the Black Heart of Innocence.
*One must have seeded at least six covens.
*One must be trained in possession.