Feri Wands

First printed in Witch Eye #8. © 2003, April Niino

The true purpose of acquiring a particular wand is to communicate your place in the community, your coven and the Craft in general. It announces what you actually do for your coven. It is not a hierarchical placement, but rather is work oriented. Possession of a wand communicates what you do, not who you are. Possession of a certain wand dictates your responsibility to the coven. It also signifies the responsibility one can expect from the coven to support your craft.

A witch may possess more than one wand. Those who possess the black wand, in fact, possess all the wands, for the black wand signifies mastery of the Craft in all its forms. Further, all candidates are awarded the green wand upon initiation. All Feri initiates possess the green wand, regardless of their purpose in the community. It signifies one who has crossed a threshold and entered a deep abiding relationship with the Goddess. Green symbolizes growth, in your practice and your relationship to the coven. This wand is retained throughout your life, no matter how you proceed, or how much power you gain.

The green wand has another more specific reference. To claim the green wand as your place in the community is to be a healer. Herbalists, massage therapists, aromatherapists, accupuncurists, those working in the medical profession possess the green wand. Anyone involved in the pursuit of healing is a green wand witch, the list of possibilities is too long. Whether on the physical or spiritual plane, it is their place to come to the aid of those who need healing.

The coven is responsible for keeping the green wand witch informed. Lend them your library; take them to workshops, and of course fair payment of services is required. Let even the novice practitioner practice their skills on you.

A white wand witch is the bard of the coven, the artist witch. They are our poets, ritualists, musicians, as well as the visual artists. Their work is to provide the coven with ritual guidance which includes, but is not limited to music, dance, the making of tools and icons, as well as spellcraft. White wands are also gardeners, since this is the wand of blooming. It is their place to infuse the coven rites with awesome beauty. They are those who inspire that reflex action, the sudden intake of breath.

It should be pointed out that white used in Feri does not apply to race. White is the color of the moon, surrounded by the black of night.

The coven is responsible for keeping the white wand witch busy. Support the white wand witch, both emotionally and financially in their endeavors. Provide a space for them to work, hire them to build altars, or provide rituals for specific purposes, purchase their art. Give valuable critique when necessary, and praise when possible.

The black wand is reserved for those who practice powerful sorcery. They are the witches specifically trained to effectively practice the death prayer, astral travel, possession, and black magic, war. It signifies a Master who possesses all the powers of sorcery and mastery in magic. Black wand witches are those you call upon when strong, often disturbing deeds, are required.

While experience is not necessary when embarking on the green or white wand path, for we are always learning our craft, it is crucial for the black wand. This is reserved for experienced masters only and is a prerequisite for the Grandmastership. The dangers are deep and real. Training is an absolute necessity. Training must be received from a Grandmaster and the black wand can only be bestowed by a Grandmaster. A black wand witch is not necessarily a Grandmaster, that is a life long endeavor.

The coven is responsible for keeping black wands in check, for they can lose their balance. Difficult to do, for one who has lost balance often causes strife and sickness within the coven. Eventually they may end up breaking the coven. The quest for the Black Heart of Innocence is the balancing force.

All wands require great commitment and lifelong study. A coven is best served when all it’s members actively pursue the craft ascribed to their wand. To have all wands present is to have a well-balanced and dynamic coven. This may not always be possible, for the black wand is most difficult to achieve. In that case, one may choose to go outside their coven and apply to the general Feri community to achieve their goals. Ultimately, the goal of each wand is the pursuit, not the arrival of the chosen path.