Cora Anderson Memorial

"Walk in beauty, run in freedom."

The daughter of a coal miner, Cora was born in Nyato, Ala. to parents William and Cynthia. When Cora was one, her mother died of tuberculosis. She grew up with her father, paternal uncle, and older sister and brother in Blount County, Ala.
Cora came from a family tradition of folk magic and healing. Her maternal grandfather, who immigrated to the States from Ireland, was a Druid and “herb” and “root doctor”. Cora learned wildcrafting from her maternal aunt, who was a midwife and healer.
After graduating from Blountsville Agricultural High School, Cora went on to earn a two-year diploma in children’s education from Jacksonville State Teacher’s College in Ala.
In the early ‘40s, Cora moved to Oregon where she met her late husband, Victor, a poet, musician, and shaman. After a brief courtship lasting three days, they married on May 3, 1944. Soon after, Victor initiated Cora into the Craft, and together they developed the Feri Tradition, a vibrant tradition that has touched countless lives. In 1948, the Andersons moved to California, eventually settling in San Leandro.
Victor and Cora are well-known as the Grand Masters and seminal teachers of the Feri Faith of the Old Religion. Cora helped train some of the most influential voices in neo-Paganism, including the late Gwydion Pendderwen. Her straightforward approach to the Craft earned her the respect and admiration of many around the work.
Cora is the author of Fifty Years in the Feri Tradition, Childhood Memories, and coauthor (with Victor) of Etheric Anatomy. She was a contributing author to Potpourri of Cookery. Her articles have been featured in Witch Eye and Circle magazines, and her recipes have been published in Women’s Circle and T. Babes Recipe Service.
A natural kitchen Witch, Cora worked as a hospital cook for many years, and often charged the food with healing energy for the patients. After retirement, she was the volunteer head cook at Hayward Area Recreation and Park District Senior Center. She held a certificate in autobiographical writing from Chabot College in Hayward, Calif. She also held a ministerial certificate from Covenant of the Goddess.
Cora crossed over early in the morning of Thursday, May 1, 2007, at 1:15 a.m. She will be sorely missed by her son, Victor Elon; daughter-in-law, Lois Diane; grandchildren: Victoria, Nathan and Elon Thomas; adopted grandchildren: Lori, Jared and Jason; several great-grandchildren; and her students and many admirers. Her Passing is a huge loss not only to the Feri community, but also to the Craft as a whole.

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