2007 Archive
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Feri is…
The fire that burns deep in the heart of a star
The solar wind that sweeps the seeds of destiny
The converging and coalescing of matter
The pattern that permeates and grows in complexity
The boundless nature of life to fill the voids
The dream-inspired eureka and
The gift of serendipity
© Onyx

Feri is…
The tip of the wolf's fang_beautiful, simple, and dangerous.
It is spiders weaving with sharp intention,
the threads of consciousness
becoming the fabric that binds our worlds
in a symphony of light and shadow.
It is standing naked in a hurricane and laughing.
© Eric Oliver

Feri is…
A flash of lightning, opening.
The scent of rose on windy breath.
The whispered, shouting, wondering –
A life lived full before its death.
Dedication. Beauty. Craft.
Reaching for the height and breadth.
Feri is… my heartbeat.
© Thorn Coyle

Feri is…
the sudden touch of lips
upon the nape of your neck
the soft tickle of words
whispered in your ear:
" Oh, come away
Oh, come away"
© WillCastle